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Riku hasn't tried to go up the stairs of the bar in a very long time. He has good reasons to avoid it, so, he does. He doesn't want to deal with Rhyme's death. He doesn't. Nor does he want to see a place full of so many memories.

He's trying to force himself for it. But that never really works. Nobody can force Riku to do anything, least of all himself. So instead he's been idling on the stairs for a very long time.

He's not going to make it up there. The emotional barriers are too strong trying is enough to dissuade his guilt for a little bit. So, thhere he is. Sitting on the stairs and staring at a wall. Blank spot. How does even that spark his memories?

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Riku is in his and Rhyme's room, sitting on the floor. His shirt is off and he's got a first-aid pack next to him, working on bandaging some wounds from a fight right before he entered the bar.

Those Nobodies have a nasty cut, and he hasn't quite gotten the hang of avoiding their spears.

But it's only flesh wounds! Hence why he's not using a potion - he doesn't bother when it's not that bad, he doesn't want to use them all up.

That would just be lame.
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Riku is feeling a bit like a hermit today. He's in his room at the bar, the lights turned to dim, and at least four blankets pulled around him. He's got a really thick book in his hands, and he's about halfway through it.

Hermit day. He's not expecting anyone to come by. Though he kinda wishes they would. He wants a reason to come out of hiding!
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Riku is in his room, flopped on his bed. The lights are off, and his hand is covering his eyes. His eyes still hurt - there's a little light coming from underneath the crack of the door, and it bothers him far too much.

He's pretty bored. But there's nothing to do about it right now, eh? He'll have to wait until later, and see if he can tackle the bar then.
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The scene is set in Riku's room at the bar. The door is open, and Riku is tugging Namine through by the hand.

"Sit down, and I'll give you the surprise," he says with a grin. He uses his foot to shut the door.


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