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Riku's prone to sleep-walking a lot, lately. This usually doesn't lead him into trouble, but he usually doesn't have a girl staying in his family's guest room, either.

He's sleep-walking, today.

He happens to sleep-walk in there.

In just his boxers, still asleep.


Surprise, Serena?
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Riku is sitting underneath a tree near his current place of residence, writing in a notebook. He tends to do this an awful lot lately - it's nothing he'd want anyone to see, it's his way of figuring out himself after suddenly being cleansed of darkness.

It's a boring task, sometimes, but it's necessary - but he could use distraction.
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Once upon a time, there was a boy that died.

This isn't a very unique story. People die all the time. What's a little more unique is what happens to the boy - age of seventeen - after he dies.

He ends up in a little game called the the Underground. Of course, he doesn't know this yet. All he knows is that he's very confused and standing in a crowd that doesn't see him - he's got no fucking idea in hell what's going on.

How can he even still be around?
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[set sometime way later in akito-riku-agito au. we'll decide when. someday.]

Riku is tapping his feet against the ground as they wait for the elevator to hit the level that it's heading for. He's doing his best to ignore the other sole occupant, and concentrating on the thoughts and introspections of his own head - something he used to avoid whenever possible, but now after awhile with Akito, he's healed more and he finds he enjoys the company of his own mind a lot better.

Besides, it's better than Agito, he should think. Far less frustrating and annoying, at least.

Tap. Tappity tap tap. Tap. Taaaaaap tap tap. It may or may not be getting annoying, but he's not paying attention if it is. Besides, before there's any chance to stop him, everything jerks - the elevator comes to a complete stop before it's supposed to, and the doors do NOT OPEN.

"Th-the fuck?!" Riku expresses. "What's going on?"

Language, shadow boy. Language.


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