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Riku is feeling a bit like a hermit today. He's in his room at the bar, the lights turned to dim, and at least four blankets pulled around him. He's got a really thick book in his hands, and he's about halfway through it.

Hermit day. He's not expecting anyone to come by. Though he kinda wishes they would. He wants a reason to come out of hiding!
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A certain teenage boy walks into the bar, glances around, and dumps a piece of paper on the bar's surface. He looks overtired, and reluctant to leave - but he still goes back out the door a few moments later.

The paper is as such:

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Riku is in his room, flopped on his bed. The lights are off, and his hand is covering his eyes. His eyes still hurt - there's a little light coming from underneath the crack of the door, and it bothers him far too much.

He's pretty bored. But there's nothing to do about it right now, eh? He'll have to wait until later, and see if he can tackle the bar then.
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The scene is set in Riku's room at the bar. The door is open, and Riku is tugging Namine through by the hand.

"Sit down, and I'll give you the surprise," he says with a grin. He uses his foot to shut the door.
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Riku's been away from the tower for far too long. He can't spend every day there, as much as he would like to - there's debts that he has to pay back, and goals that he has to achieve.

The last mission, so to speak, has taken him a few weeks. It feels like much longer, with each day longer than the last. He never thought he'd get so attached to someone - at least not in a capacity other than frend. He certainly never thought someone would get this attached to him.

He's more than a little tired. He's been up for twenty-five hours or so, and he's about ready to crash.... or at least, he should be. But despite the fact DiZ had taken one look at him and promptly ordered him straight to bed, he can't seem to sleep. All he does is toss and turn. He thinks he knows the cure - if only he can manage to sneak out.

But why couldn't he sneak out, anyway? It's not as if DiZ was his father.

He casts an apprehensive glance at the door, and then raises his hand to call a darkpath. And when there's no sound of someone coming to interrupt him, he jumps up from the bed, and hops through it, before anyone can possibly try to stop him.

...too bad he didn't take the time to check himself out before hopping through, because he kind of ends up hitting the ground of Namine's tower in his bedclothes. But boxers and a tshirt was... totally suitable visiting gear.

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Our scene is set in the World That Never Was, sometime in the morning. Or at least, what passes well enough for morning - it's not as if the lighting changes, but it is sometime after people wake up, at least.

The specific setting for this venture is in Namine's Tower, where a dark path is opening. Out of this steps Riku. Today is the day that Riku and Namine have planned to take a trip to another world, and he wanted to come as early as possible. Partially in case they run into any problems, and -- well. Partially because he would just like to spend as much time with her as possible.

He has prepared for the occasion, and this fact is obvious from one glance at him. Riku has taken the trouble to ditch his usual outfit, and get ahold of something nicer. Hanging around Hollow Bastion for a few hours can prove to be a beneficial venture. It earned him some nice slacks, and a white dress shirt. His hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail.

That is not all the preperation he has done. His left hand is hiding somethng behind his back - but what could it possibly be?

"Namine?" he asks, his voice a little hesitant and soft.
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Even the best of fighters get taken off-guard sometimes. No matter how much pride you have in your abilities, and no matter how enemies you have defeated - there will always be the one, two, three or more that can knock you down where you stand.

Riku has spent weeks upon weeks on his feet, hardly stopping for a rest to gather his energy. It should be of no surprise that he was finally overcome. No surprise to anyone else, at least - he is doing a rather good job maligning himself because of this.

Not that he is able to do much else. He's really not in the shape to head somewhere, at the moment - so all he can really do is think about this situation.

He's in an alleyway of The World That Never Was, slumped to the ground and leaning heavily against a wall. This is where he managed to retreat to, after several Nobodies overwhelmed him. He's alone - for now. If he doesn't manage to get out of here, he'll be found soon enough.

But he's bleeding from numerous places, and he's in more pain than he would like. Right now, the most appealing thing seems to be to rest... and he really can't get over this urge.

Riku probably needs some help, here. Too bad he's all alone...


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