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B R I E F     B A C K G R O U N D

At the age of fifteen, Riku was a frustrated individual. He lived in Destiny Islands, a world that is full of wonder for most - except him. At the time, he had not felt this wonder since he turned 11. It started as a wistful wish to see something else, but over the years, it grew into a bitter resentment that he was stuck in the same old place and on the same old every day events.

It's bad luck to be frustrated, sometimes. It's about to be bad luck for him.

Before the first game's events, he was in the hidden cave that he, Sora, and Kairi (his two best friends in the entirety of the worlds) and staring at a locked door. This locked door had been there for years, ever since he could remember. It was a taunt to him, a possible way out, one he could never get through.

Until that day.

A brown hooded figure would approach him. They would talk on many occasions, and Riku learned to trust him, though the hood was never lifted and the identity was never revealed at that time. Each talk allowed darkness to sink its claws further into Riku's heart. He was the next designated Keyblade Wielder; that is, one who must save all things from utter destruction and help unlock the pathways between worlds. Pathways that he wanted to travel.

He would get this chance, but only by betraying his destiny. Sora would inherit it instead, while Riku would work with a darker crowd in an attempt to find everything he wanted. His goals changed, grew darker, as the darkness clawed its way into his heart - as you see, once he had unlocked Destiny Islands, he had also allowed that hooded figure to possess his inner soul.

Kairi would leave the islands too, but she would be missing. Riku was tricked into believing Sora had ill intentions towards her, while Riku had only good. He would use darker means to find her. He would attempt to use darker means to help her. He sunk deeper and deeper, influenced by the dark entity in his heart, one called Ansem. In the end, he would be saved, but not cleansed - though Ansem was gone, he was left with the memories of everything he had done, and the powers gained through these events.

More canon history...


If one were to classify Riku from the get-go, they would probably label him as rude and slightly obnoxious. This is, unfortunately, a label that can't be denied. It's a strong part of his personality, so strong that many have found it hard to do anything but accept it.

He's outgoing and adventurous. His day isn't complete if he's stuck sitting around - he'd rather do, do, do! He's a prankster and a thief, known for 'borrowing' things all over the place. If he lays his hands on it, it's his - and many wouldn't even dream to say otherwise. That's a part of his charm, after all.

If it weren't for his charm, the rest of his personality probably wouldn't be accepted - but no matter how much he enjoys being a jerk, he always has a big grin to go along with it. It's that one element that many find hard to resist, and it's skated him through a hell of a lot of trouble.

Riku has an analytical eye, and can see deep inside others. He can figure out even the littlest things about you from a mere moment or two of time - give him a day, and that's most dangerous of all. He doesn't usually use it to his own advantage... but sometimes, you just gotta.

However, contradictory to that, he's one to typically jump for what entertains him the most, and not necessarily think about how it affects others. While he can perceive details about others, that doesn't mean he'll necessarily care.

Riku grew up on a world named Destiny Islands. He is part of a trio of friends, the other two named Sora and Kairi. Sora is his best friend, and Kairi is... something that can't quite be put into words. But what can be stated is that they are both very important to Riku, and he would destroy the sun and the moon for them without even a blink.

Once he wished to see everything he can't, now he's seen perhaps more than he can handle. But he'll see more, because he can't resist his insatiable curiosity. He'll continue to go through many adventures, many of them meant to be great trials. He won't always like the person he emerges as. No matter where he is, his world will always be what only he can see in the stars.
O T H E R     I N F O

A significant physical trait is that Riku almost always wear a blindfold. He can only see in utter darkness, and the blindfold provides that. If he can be found without it, then he is blind.

Riku is from right the very beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2. He visited the bar frequently between the games 1 and 2, then refused to enter the door for a period of time due to grief over a loved one. But he will find himself in the bar again, despite his wishes.

Riku is from the Kingdom Hearts series, and is the property of name of Disney and Square. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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adventures, harmonizing with a rhyme, kairi, kicking sora's ass, making fun of sora, not dying, other worlds, papoa fruit, rafting, screwing with sora's head, sora, teasing sora

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