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The scene is set in Riku's room at the bar. The door is open, and Riku is tugging Namine through by the hand.

"Sit down, and I'll give you the surprise," he says with a grin. He uses his foot to shut the door.

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She's flustered and flurried, but it's been a couple of days since she's last seen Riku, so she's happy all the same.

"What kind of surprise is it?" she asks, looking around the room for some place to sit.

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"There's a chair over there," Riku says, motioning. "Close your eyes, too."

He looks a little nervous. He probably hasn't stopped being nervous since he thought of this. What if she doesn't like it? What if she gets weirded out?

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She finds her way to the chair. Then once she's settled, she obeys Riku, shutting her eyes and giggles a little.

"Okay," she says. "I'm sitting and my eyes are closed." She's trying not to sound too eager, but...well, she can't help it when she bursts out, "So what's the surprise?"

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Riku kneels by his bed, and pulls a few items out. They haven't been under there for long - just long enough to hide them so Namine couldn't spot them.

One is a bouquet of roses (http://www.myflowertowne.com/images/dozen_mix_roses_bouquet.JPG). He holds it out to her. "You can open them now," he says.

His voice doens't waver -at all-, no.

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She opens her eyes, blinking a bit as she gazes at the roses. For one moment, her breath is caught in her throat. Her hands go up to her mouth in surprise.

The bewildered girl has no idea what to say; she only has the knowledge that every single part of her is bursting with excitement, and that if she had a heart, it would be pounding so hard, the entire universe would hear.

"Oh, Riku," she breathes. "They're beautiful."

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"I hoped you might like them," Riku says. His cheeks are just slightly flushed. "I wasn't able to catch you on Valentine's Day, but. I still wanted to give you something nice."

He pauses, and wonders if she knows what it is.

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She smiles, taking the rather full bouquet in her arms, bringing the scrumptious flowers to her nose. They smell wonderful, too.

"I love them," she says, tenderly. "But...what's Valentine's Day? Is that when people give each other presents?"

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"It's when you give the person you love something that shows you appreciate them," Riku explains. "And that's not the only thing I have."

He picks up a notebook off the ground. Most of it's blank, but a significant amount of pages in the front aren't. It's a story... one he hopes that she'll like.

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She looks at the notebook in his hands with interest, leaning towards him slightly. "I've never heard of this sort of day before," she says softly. "But it sounds wonderful."

She gestures to the notebook. "What's that?"

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"A story," Riku says. "About us."

He kinda sucks at writing, but he... tried, anyway. The effort was all that mattered, right?

"I wrote it so you'd have a story of your very own."

He offer the notebook to her, too.

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The amount of 'Awwwwww' going on within Naminé wants to burst out right now like a waterfall.

She tilts her head, her long-ish blonde hair falling over one side of her shoulder. "You wrote a story?" she asks, unable to keep the admiration in her voice. She takes the notebook, then straightens a little as she flips it open.

In it, she studies Riku's scrawl for a moment, smiling to herself. "I can't believe you did all this for me," she says softly, her voice barely audible.

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"I'd have done more," he says, "But I didn't want to use up -all- the good ideas."

He gives her a crooked grin.

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She closes the book after another moment, letting it rest on her lap, eyes shut, overcome with emotion.

"I don't know what to say," she whispers, opening her eyes once more. They are shining with unshed tears. "Except...I love you, Riku." She holds the notebook in one hand, then stands from the chair to hug him. "And thank you."

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"I love you, too." Riku hugs her back. "That's why I could miss a day that would let me show you."

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She blinks away the tears blurring her eyes and giggles into his shoulder.

"--love you so much," she repeats, her voice muffled.

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"I love you," Riku intones, "More than the sun loves the Earth."

Riku is feeling a little silly, so he's going to -let- himself be silly.

Hey, why not?

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No reason why he can't be silly. Naminé loves him all the more for it.

Another giggle escapes, then she pulls back and raising on her tip-toes, kisses him.

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Riku kisses her back, and when it's over, he's got a mischevious glint in his eye.

"Anything else you might want for Valentine's?" He asks "Something I might have forgotten about?"

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She runs her fingers through his hair gently with one hand while the other traces the edge of his jaw-line.

She shakes her head, smiling. "No," she replies, "I have all I could ever want."

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Dark thoughts threaten to surface in Riku's mind; but he's good at ignoring these... at least when he's not alone. So he pushes them back, as it is -not- the time.

"Not even a pony?" he asks, teasingly. "Because I can -try- to get ahold of one."

Yeah, right.

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She shakes her head again, letting out another soft giggle.

"I just want you," she says innocently, almost as though this is the clearest fact in the world. "I don't want anything else."

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Riku smiles brightly. Yeah, that definately helped get rid of the negative thoughts.

"Well, you've got me," he assures her. "For forever and a day."

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"I know," she says sweetly. "And I am yours, too."

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Riku presses a kiss to her cheek. "I'm glad," he says, quietly. "I'm not sure I'd be able to do some of it witout you."

There are no words to summon up how important she is, honestly. It'd take five whole dictionaries to even start attempting to try.

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She gives him another rather misty sort of smile, one that is vague but isn't.

Any and all thoughts of Larxene's conversation with her suddenly don't matter at all. Why should they? They are so happy together, she and Riku. What could possibly be wrong about that, right?

And she doesn't want to think about how the future might change because of this, either. Why shouldn't she be allowed to be happy sometimes?

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