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Riku is a well-practiced fighter. He's gone from the best kid at the wooden swords on Destiny Islands to the traitor with a keyblade on the worlds to the one who attempts to amend for his past. He trains every day, both by himself and with DiZ's help, and when he's lucky, occasionally he gets to play-fight with Mickey. Those are the best times of all.

At many times, he's participating in actual fights. Against Heartless or a low class Nobody, it doesn't matter, he'll pick the fight and battle it. He's got to get rid of the grudge so it doesn't hurt anyone else. It doesn't really matter if it hurts him, yaknow?

Usually, he's pretty lucky. Sometimes, he's not so lucky. This is one of those times. He got swarmed by Heartless, and although Yuffie managed to pick them off at the end, he'd hit the ground hard and smacked up his head pretty badly. In fact, he happens to be unconscious right now. So why are we even writing about him?

Because even an unconscious mind can operate, and his can operate in the most special ways of all. It can reach out and touch the most important people to him, and sometimes, even cross into their own minds for a safe haven...
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It's a disorientating switch, but the tension is all the same - his mind moving from one fight to the other, although this one is not physical. One hopes. It's - Rhyme, but she looks so young, and while his mind feels fuzzy and unclear, it's easy to guess what happened almost right away.

But whether one's landed in a memory or a dream, it's natural instinct to try to interact anyway, despite the chance there'd be no answer back. It's natural instinct to protect the one you love with all your heart.

She looks so scared and her voice is so pleading, and it stabs him in the heart -

"If you don't listen to her," he says with a false air of calm to his voice, "I'll pop you one in the face."

...this is completely what he would say to her real parents, too, if he found them this way.
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Of course he's followed her. Why would he want to stay around those deadbeat parents? They suck, she's much more important. Even if he can't do anything to help her, even if he can't comfort her the way he wants to.

"I didn't know," he mumbles. "I'm sorry."

As if he should apologize for circumstances he was never there for.
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"Because people fight for who they love," Riku mutters under his breath. This reminds him too much of how he first met her, although she was far worse off then.

If her brother fought battles for her, he likes him for that, although he's not sure how else to judge him from the first scene. This all looks so complicated.
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....don't remind him. Riku has good parents, good parents he doesn't deserve - he deserved the kind of parents she apparently had, stupid ones that only show what kind of assholes they are. She shoulda had his, and grown up with a wonderful childhood.

He's kind of tired of seeing all of this. It hurts to know. He pushes and prods around with his own mind, trying to see if he can get the real Rhyme to respond - all the while still watching the scene before him.
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"Rhyme - you -"

He should be able to muster up explainations, he should be able to speak, but all he can really do is give her a big hug, like he intends to never let go.
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"I'm not quite sure," Riku admits. "I fell - " he pauses. "I fell asleep, and I musta reached out to you or something - " He runs a hand through his hair and laughs, nervously. "I can kind of do that."

Thank Ansem for that.
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Riku smiles wearily, and taps her lightly on the forehead.

This is his only answer.
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He just looks at her for a moment.

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"You just gotta concentrate on waking up, and -- "

-- and the scene is changing into a classroom scene. Riku's eyes widen a little, and he moves to cover her eyes - he knows what's going on, and he doesn't want her to see it.

"Rhyme, wake up!"
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"When minds connect, things can cross - memories when they're not supposed to, inner fears, inner emotions - "

Things he's avoided sharing for the fear of scaring her away. He can't lose her now, and if she sees them, she's sure to realize he's not worth it.

But... this one isn't so bad, so maybe there's hope. It's a crowded classroom scene, the teacher leading an exuberant discussion on topics that Riku would usually enjoy. The whole class is enjoying it, really, but in the memory, Riku is not.

He's staring out the window, a wistful and lost look in his eyes. Occasionally he tugs at the tie and collar of his school uniform, looking increasingly uncomfortable in it - as if it's strangling him with its very presence. The ocean is out there, and he regards it as if it's his born enemy, as if it's keeping him away from his most important things.
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Riku clutches to her hand as if it's a lifeline, keeping them both safe from all harm. "I saw things, too," he says, his voice apologetic, although it hadn't been under his control. "I'm sorry."
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"It's not," Riku says. "It's not, and when we're awake, I'm going to teach you how to put up barriers. This accident can't happen again, you don't deserve it - "
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He kisses her then, with a surprising amount of gentleness for him. "It wasn't your fault," he says, his tone insistent and fierce. "None of it was."
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"How could I hate you for it?" Riku holds her shoulders and looks into her eyes, the honesty of his feelings shown in his own. "I can only be angry at them. For what they did, for what they caused - all because they didn't realize what they had."
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"I love you, too," he says softly, and runs his fingers through her hair, trying to pet comfortingly. It's okay if she cries, this time - if she needs it, he'll deal with his own neuroses.
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He holds on just as tight, and maybe he's going to need to - because the scene around them changes again. Riku doesn't notice it at first, but when he does, he swears in a way she's never heard him speak and loudly at that.

I can help you escape your desolate life. A figure in a brown hood, yellow eyes shining from underneath it, standing before the dream's Riku.

How? Riku sounds angry, desperate. Almost ready to kill if he's being lied to. An influence of darkness can be felt all around, crackling in the air.

All you need to do is accept me. The man presses a hand against Riku's chest, and laughs. Reach into your true self.
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"Yeah," Riku mumbles, his voice full of shame. Shame at what he's done, and regret at the fact she can somehow understand - he doesn't want her to have experienced so much that she can. "At any cost."

Do it. Riku looks deep into those yellow, yellow eyes. Do whatever you have to do. I don't care anymore.

The gloved hand is pulled away from his chest, but as if it's grabbed onto something - and it has. The man is slowly pulling out a dark, dark keyblade, and Riku makes a pained sound, falling to his hands and knees when it's out. He looks up at the man, sweat on his brow and a certain emptiness in his heart.

The keyhole is waiting for you. The man holds out the blade. Take it.
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"Yeah," Riku says. "I guess so."

Another shot, another scene. An elegantly beautiful, and yet horribly ugly woman, with long fingers and pale, green skin. Riku is looking up at her, a glare in his eyes. It's obvious that he's angry, and it's obvious that she just doesn't care.

I only put up with you because I need you, old woman. I don't need to follow your damn orders.

Poor child, she laughs quietly and smoothly, her fingers on his cheek, stroking with care. You let darkness into your heart. Whoever else is going to want you?
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"I didn't - " Riku's voice breaks, and then he catches his composure and tries again.

"I didn't want you to hate me.I did a lot of horrible things."
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He's never loved her more than he does in this moment.

"Maybe," he says, "We can make each other feel better about the past."

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Riku smiles, and takess ahold of her hand, kissing the palm of it.

"Thank you," he says.