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2014-06-07 11:27 pm

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This is where the summary of the games after the first will go, as well as millicanon history.
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2011-01-21 11:40 pm
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Riku hasn't tried to go up the stairs of the bar in a very long time. He has good reasons to avoid it, so, he does. He doesn't want to deal with Rhyme's death. He doesn't. Nor does he want to see a place full of so many memories.

He's trying to force himself for it. But that never really works. Nobody can force Riku to do anything, least of all himself. So instead he's been idling on the stairs for a very long time.

He's not going to make it up there. The emotional barriers are too strong trying is enough to dissuade his guilt for a little bit. So, thhere he is. Sitting on the stairs and staring at a wall. Blank spot. How does even that spark his memories?

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2009-09-11 06:48 am

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"Is this really going to work?" Riku asks, staring at the door. He's in civilian clothing, cargo pants and a shirt and some good sneakers. He has his hair tied back for the day.

"It might rebuff us, or put us in different places." But Riku is never really one to dawdle on possibilities. He likes to just move and act. Figuring they have a better chance when they go this way, Riku grabs onto Sora's arm and opens the door, pulling Sora out and then -

They're out of a store, in a really crowded area. It looks nothing like he's every seen before. There's some sort of giant tv on the top of a building, and strange metallic things that move on wheels, and -

Well. They certainly reached somewhere different.

There's music in his ears, even there's no possible way. He doesn't understan this at all.

Every day streets are crowded with people
Every night streets are jammed with these noise
"Things are so strange, are they real or a dream"
Where am I now, trapped in this city of illusion
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2009-01-01 06:17 pm
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Riku is in his and Rhyme's room, waiting around for her to show up. He's flopped on his back over the bed, reading a book, while Moogle Bob hops around him and tries to peer at it as well. Occasionally the thing gets frustrated and smacks him for turning the pages too fast, but Riku just ignores him.

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2008-12-15 11:31 pm
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Riku's prone to sleep-walking a lot, lately. This usually doesn't lead him into trouble, but he usually doesn't have a girl staying in his family's guest room, either.

He's sleep-walking, today.

He happens to sleep-walk in there.

In just his boxers, still asleep.


Surprise, Serena?
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2008-12-04 12:55 am
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Riku is sitting underneath a tree near his current place of residence, writing in a notebook. He tends to do this an awful lot lately - it's nothing he'd want anyone to see, it's his way of figuring out himself after suddenly being cleansed of darkness.

It's a boring task, sometimes, but it's necessary - but he could use distraction.
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2008-11-25 03:51 am
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Once upon a time, there was a boy that died.

This isn't a very unique story. People die all the time. What's a little more unique is what happens to the boy - age of seventeen - after he dies.

He ends up in a little game called the the Underground. Of course, he doesn't know this yet. All he knows is that he's very confused and standing in a crowd that doesn't see him - he's got no fucking idea in hell what's going on.

How can he even still be around?
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2008-11-22 09:38 pm

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Riku is in his and Rhyme's room, sitting on the floor. His shirt is off and he's got a first-aid pack next to him, working on bandaging some wounds from a fight right before he entered the bar.

Those Nobodies have a nasty cut, and he hasn't quite gotten the hang of avoiding their spears.

But it's only flesh wounds! Hence why he's not using a potion - he doesn't bother when it's not that bad, he doesn't want to use them all up.

That would just be lame.
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2008-11-22 01:24 am
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Riku is a well-practiced fighter. He's gone from the best kid at the wooden swords on Destiny Islands to the traitor with a keyblade on the worlds to the one who attempts to amend for his past. He trains every day, both by himself and with DiZ's help, and when he's lucky, occasionally he gets to play-fight with Mickey. Those are the best times of all.

At many times, he's participating in actual fights. Against Heartless or a low class Nobody, it doesn't matter, he'll pick the fight and battle it. He's got to get rid of the grudge so it doesn't hurt anyone else. It doesn't really matter if it hurts him, yaknow?

Usually, he's pretty lucky. Sometimes, he's not so lucky. This is one of those times. He got swarmed by Heartless, and although Yuffie managed to pick them off at the end, he'd hit the ground hard and smacked up his head pretty badly. In fact, he happens to be unconscious right now. So why are we even writing about him?

Because even an unconscious mind can operate, and his can operate in the most special ways of all. It can reach out and touch the most important people to him, and sometimes, even cross into their own minds for a safe haven...
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2008-04-13 03:04 am

au me, baby

[set sometime way later in akito-riku-agito au. we'll decide when. someday.]

Riku is tapping his feet against the ground as they wait for the elevator to hit the level that it's heading for. He's doing his best to ignore the other sole occupant, and concentrating on the thoughts and introspections of his own head - something he used to avoid whenever possible, but now after awhile with Akito, he's healed more and he finds he enjoys the company of his own mind a lot better.

Besides, it's better than Agito, he should think. Far less frustrating and annoying, at least.

Tap. Tappity tap tap. Tap. Taaaaaap tap tap. It may or may not be getting annoying, but he's not paying attention if it is. Besides, before there's any chance to stop him, everything jerks - the elevator comes to a complete stop before it's supposed to, and the doors do NOT OPEN.

"Th-the fuck?!" Riku expresses. "What's going on?"

Language, shadow boy. Language.
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2007-07-18 01:51 am
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Riku is feeling a bit like a hermit today. He's in his room at the bar, the lights turned to dim, and at least four blankets pulled around him. He's got a really thick book in his hands, and he's about halfway through it.

Hermit day. He's not expecting anyone to come by. Though he kinda wishes they would. He wants a reason to come out of hiding!
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2007-04-06 08:07 am

(no subject)

A cereal box in the Kitchen That Never Was has a rat in it. There is also a note.

Will it reach its intended target?!
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2007-04-06 05:44 am
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A certain teenage boy walks into the bar, glances around, and dumps a piece of paper on the bar's surface. He looks overtired, and reluctant to leave - but he still goes back out the door a few moments later.

The paper is as such:

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2007-03-15 05:11 am
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Riku is in his room, flopped on his bed. The lights are off, and his hand is covering his eyes. His eyes still hurt - there's a little light coming from underneath the crack of the door, and it bothers him far too much.

He's pretty bored. But there's nothing to do about it right now, eh? He'll have to wait until later, and see if he can tackle the bar then.
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2007-02-17 03:02 am

(no subject)

The scene is set in Riku's room at the bar. The door is open, and Riku is tugging Namine through by the hand.

"Sit down, and I'll give you the surprise," he says with a grin. He uses his foot to shut the door.
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2007-01-26 10:50 am

a little boy's antics in a big boy's world ; frustrations in the world that never was

Riku is never that antagonistic with the Organization - not anymore. He's been far too busy with DiZ lately to act like a jerk, and definately too inclined to avoid the Castle altogether. But that doesn't mean he doesn't revisit sometimes, either to check the library or keep tabs on their actions.

He just doesn't... take a valid part.

Today is different. Maybe it's because of running into Namine in the bar, or maybe it's his frustration at an argument with DiZ last night. Maybe it's his lack of sleep, maybe it's missing his friends, maybe it's something altogether. In any case, he's pretty annoyed, and in need of an outlet.

Right now, he's sitting in the middle of one of the castle corridors, using Way to the Dawn to carve drawings into the castle wall. It doesn't really work that well - all it really achieves is marks and loud scraping noises - but it's entertaining him. That's clearly enough.

This corridor isn't his only victim. Another hallway's got million of papers scattered all over it. They looked important, so now... they can be less important. Something that served for a kitchen ( do they even need to eat? ) has been trashed up, all the good food taken and the rest of it scattered in interesting ways.

This outlet doesn't involve trying to bait anyone. Not at all.

One satisfactory sounding scrape, and a smirk curls at the edge of his lips.
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2007-01-22 07:06 am

absences and distractions ; the witch's tower

Riku's been away from the tower for far too long. He can't spend every day there, as much as he would like to - there's debts that he has to pay back, and goals that he has to achieve.

The last mission, so to speak, has taken him a few weeks. It feels like much longer, with each day longer than the last. He never thought he'd get so attached to someone - at least not in a capacity other than frend. He certainly never thought someone would get this attached to him.

He's more than a little tired. He's been up for twenty-five hours or so, and he's about ready to crash.... or at least, he should be. But despite the fact DiZ had taken one look at him and promptly ordered him straight to bed, he can't seem to sleep. All he does is toss and turn. He thinks he knows the cure - if only he can manage to sneak out.

But why couldn't he sneak out, anyway? It's not as if DiZ was his father.

He casts an apprehensive glance at the door, and then raises his hand to call a darkpath. And when there's no sound of someone coming to interrupt him, he jumps up from the bed, and hops through it, before anyone can possibly try to stop him.

...too bad he didn't take the time to check himself out before hopping through, because he kind of ends up hitting the ground of Namine's tower in his bedclothes. But boxers and a tshirt was... totally suitable visiting gear.

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2006-12-31 07:44 am
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the shadowed corridors ; tracking number thirteen

Riku is a man with a mission, and a boy with allies.

His mission is to find Sora, and a certain ally has lent him some very important information to help him with this fact. It seems that a boy named Roxas has some very special connections to Sora, and finding him will bring him miles towards his goal of making Sora whole.

Riku was never one to miss a chance, and he's spent the past few days just tracking Roxas. He's been very careful about this, and been very quiet - but he knows that his luck will only last so long. You couldn't be in the Organization without being aware of the dangers around you, after all. At least, not if you wanted to keep your life until you got a heart.

But so far, he hasn't been noticed - or so it seems. In any case, Riku hasn't ran into any problems. Soon enough, he'll confront Roxas. But right now, he's content to just gather information.

So. He is in one of the corridors in the shadow realms, lagging far behind the boy he's keeping an eye on. Because that will keep him from being discovered...
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2006-12-30 08:54 am

eden's end ; in the castle that never was

Riku's been a very daring boy.

This isn't a surprise really - trying to test his limits is a common practice for him. He's been even more reckless lately, ever since he was locked into the Shadow Realms. It's anybody's best guess as to whether he's doing this as a way to punish himself, or a way to find Sora more quickly.

Probably a mix of both.

He's been in the Castle only a few times, but he hasn't met any danger yet. He's easily sneaked in and out, and taken more than a few books from the library as a trophy. It's enough to give someone who's a little less smart a sense of false safety.

Riku knows better. But he's still acting as if he doesn't, anyway.

Maybe he just wants to see what happens.

So. The scene is set, and the player is placed. Now all that is left is to see the unfolding of events...

In the halls of the Castle That Never Was.
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2006-12-29 06:48 am

a day's rest and retreat ; twilight town

Our scene is set in the World That Never Was, sometime in the morning. Or at least, what passes well enough for morning - it's not as if the lighting changes, but it is sometime after people wake up, at least.

The specific setting for this venture is in Namine's Tower, where a dark path is opening. Out of this steps Riku. Today is the day that Riku and Namine have planned to take a trip to another world, and he wanted to come as early as possible. Partially in case they run into any problems, and -- well. Partially because he would just like to spend as much time with her as possible.

He has prepared for the occasion, and this fact is obvious from one glance at him. Riku has taken the trouble to ditch his usual outfit, and get ahold of something nicer. Hanging around Hollow Bastion for a few hours can prove to be a beneficial venture. It earned him some nice slacks, and a white dress shirt. His hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail.

That is not all the preperation he has done. His left hand is hiding somethng behind his back - but what could it possibly be?

"Namine?" he asks, his voice a little hesitant and soft.