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Riku ([personal profile] tall_dark_and) wrote2008-04-13 03:04 am

au me, baby

[set sometime way later in akito-riku-agito au. we'll decide when. someday.]

Riku is tapping his feet against the ground as they wait for the elevator to hit the level that it's heading for. He's doing his best to ignore the other sole occupant, and concentrating on the thoughts and introspections of his own head - something he used to avoid whenever possible, but now after awhile with Akito, he's healed more and he finds he enjoys the company of his own mind a lot better.

Besides, it's better than Agito, he should think. Far less frustrating and annoying, at least.

Tap. Tappity tap tap. Tap. Taaaaaap tap tap. It may or may not be getting annoying, but he's not paying attention if it is. Besides, before there's any chance to stop him, everything jerks - the elevator comes to a complete stop before it's supposed to, and the doors do NOT OPEN.

"Th-the fuck?!" Riku expresses. "What's going on?"

Language, shadow boy. Language.

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