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Riku ([personal profile] tall_dark_and) wrote2006-12-31 07:44 am
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the shadowed corridors ; tracking number thirteen

Riku is a man with a mission, and a boy with allies.

His mission is to find Sora, and a certain ally has lent him some very important information to help him with this fact. It seems that a boy named Roxas has some very special connections to Sora, and finding him will bring him miles towards his goal of making Sora whole.

Riku was never one to miss a chance, and he's spent the past few days just tracking Roxas. He's been very careful about this, and been very quiet - but he knows that his luck will only last so long. You couldn't be in the Organization without being aware of the dangers around you, after all. At least, not if you wanted to keep your life until you got a heart.

But so far, he hasn't been noticed - or so it seems. In any case, Riku hasn't ran into any problems. Soon enough, he'll confront Roxas. But right now, he's content to just gather information.

So. He is in one of the corridors in the shadow realms, lagging far behind the boy he's keeping an eye on. Because that will keep him from being discovered...

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