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the shadowed corridors ; tracking number thirteen

Riku is a man with a mission, and a boy with allies.

His mission is to find Sora, and a certain ally has lent him some very important information to help him with this fact. It seems that a boy named Roxas has some very special connections to Sora, and finding him will bring him miles towards his goal of making Sora whole.

Riku was never one to miss a chance, and he's spent the past few days just tracking Roxas. He's been very careful about this, and been very quiet - but he knows that his luck will only last so long. You couldn't be in the Organization without being aware of the dangers around you, after all. At least, not if you wanted to keep your life until you got a heart.

But so far, he hasn't been noticed - or so it seems. In any case, Riku hasn't ran into any problems. Soon enough, he'll confront Roxas. But right now, he's content to just gather information.

So. He is in one of the corridors in the shadow realms, lagging far behind the boy he's keeping an eye on. Because that will keep him from being discovered...

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...unless, of course, it's too late for that.

Roxas is no fool. He's young, inexperienced, perhaps even over-confident, but he possesses skills and talents that he knows shouldn't come to him so naturally but do anyways. When he started to get whispers and vague feelings that he was being watched, he put these talents to the task of figuring out, quite simply, who.

He's still not sure of that, actually, but at least now he's positive he's being followed.

"You can come out now. We're alone, and I know you're there anyways."

It feels nice, catching this sneak in the act. Makes him feel like he has the upper hand.

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Riku pauses in the darkness, considering this turn of events. While it had been one possible scenerio, he had been hoping to put it off for just a little longer. He hadn't had quite enough time!

But he knows Roxas well enough at this point to know that he means business. That he won't let go of this fact. Even if Riku flees now (a coward's way), Roxas will be on his guard. There won't be any way he will be blind again.

Riku's not an idiot. He knows when he's lost an advantage. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to interact - so when he steps out, he does nothing more than stand there.

His hood is up.

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As is his.

He can tell it's none of his fellow Organization members. He's around them enough to know their mannerisms, the way they hold themselves, all of that, and this fellow is none of them.

Somebody new in these seldom-walked halls of darkness. How interesting.

It's too bad Roxas doesn't really care. Larxene would probably be thrilled to have a new plaything, Axel might find some amusement in the almost-too-serious feel of the situation, but him? No, he doesn't much care.

"I asked you a question."

He tries to sound threatening, but in the end his lack of interest shines through most of all.

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Riku's not exactly feeling threatened, here - though he is, of course, somewhat cautious. But it would just be stupid to not feel such a thing around a member of the Organization.

If nothing else, Xemnas proved that far too well.

But he's not feeling cautious enough to answer, not yet. So he merely smirks, the flash of white teeth obvious in the darkness of the cloak.

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Oh joy, he has a joker as well as a stalker. And just when he was getting to enjoy the silence and solitude provided by these dark passageways. So much for that.

With a barely-contained sigh, Roxas begins advancing slowly towards the other cloaked figure. There's no smile on his lips, though he's got no intention of attacking the man either.

Pulling his hood back and revealing the man's identity is, in fact, what he'd like to do.

Roxas never was the most violent of Organization members.

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Riku wouldn't like that. He guesses that might be Roxas' goal - and that's something he needs to stop. At least... for now.

As if this might make a difference, Riku holds one gloved hand out in front of him, in the universal 'stop' gesture. Curiousity was never good for the cat, he communicates.

Words without words, speaking without speaking. But the meaning is quite clear.

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He stops, be it because he takes him seriously or because he's curious still to see where this goes, it hardly matters. He's closer now but not close enough, cocking his head to the side before he communicates in the same way.

I'm a member of Organization XIII. Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?

And now that is a threat in his voice.

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Roxas, the Key of Destiny. You're the newest, aren't you? The smallest of them all.

There is no threat in Riku's own statement. Merely a lazy form of curiousity - what he chooses to show of his own emotions.

He wouldn't be able to hide so much, if his hood was down. He's never been more glad for it before.

But what else does that make you?

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Key of Destiny. The newest member.

He might like argue with that 'smallest' comment, if only because he hardly thinks his height is of any importance.

As for his question, he's got an answer.

Your superior.

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Riku laughs. It's a sudden sound in the middle of all this mock silence, one that's enough to even startle him for a moment. I see, he responds. And how exactly are you going to enforce that?

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He's growing tired of these games now. All of this almost-speaking and not-quite-silence is starting to test his patience, because he's still gotten nowhere with this man.

"You know so much about me, you figure it out. Now tell me who you are or why you're here or just stop wasting my time."

So much for the silence.

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Riku shrugs. There's only so much to gain by being mysterious, after all (someone should try telling that to DiZ), and he's not looking to push his luck. He doesn't want a fight this time.

So he reachs up and pushes his hood off.

"Is that enough for you?" He inquires, raising an eyebrow.

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Xemnas' words ring clear throughout Roxas's mind for a moment, the warning and threat of them very real and suddenly something to consider, not just dismiss.

This should be handled carefully.

"Plenty. You can go now."

Here's hoping Riku takes well to orders.

Not a chance, but it's worth a shot.

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"And leave the party so soon?" Riku shakes his head, a smug tone in his voice. "I don't think so."

If he's going to interact with Roxas, he should make the best of it. He might find out more than mere stalking achieves, after all...

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He's not to interfere with whatever Riku does, apparently, except now that might be a serious problem for him.

"Why exactly are you here?" Roxas asks, trying to stall for time and get answers all at once.

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Riku's not sure if that old order to 'leave him alone' still stands - but he's feeling like investigating into its existance. And he doesn't exactly have the conscious to be nice, at the moment.

Looks like his Jiminy Cricket may be taking a break to Hollow Bastion.

"If you're so curious, why don't you figure it out?" he asks, crossing his arms. "Why should I tell you?"

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Lovely, he's being a stubborn jackass about it too. Roxas resists the urge to sigh aloud, instead keeping himself carefully composed while he mulls over the question.

"I suppose because you're here for a reason, and unless you tell me what that reason is, you're not going to get very far, are you?"