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Riku is sitting underneath a tree near his current place of residence, writing in a notebook. He tends to do this an awful lot lately - it's nothing he'd want anyone to see, it's his way of figuring out himself after suddenly being cleansed of darkness.

It's a boring task, sometimes, but it's necessary - but he could use distraction.

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Now he's got a distraction, one Serena with a whole bunch of new things to tell him. Mostly things about school and life and love and ... Probably five million other things Riku might not want to hear about. Serena may make writing in the notebook look appealing.

Either way, she skids to his side with a bright smile on her face, "come on, lets go get ice cream!"

In the end, he could always just nod his head, if he really wanted?

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Riku looks up and tilts his head a little, judging her mood. Occasionally one can get out of whatever Serena suggests, but for the most part - well, not really. He judges that this is one of the latter, and shrugs.

"Sure," he says.

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"Good," And occasionally, Riku will try to get out of whatever she suggests and for the most part he doesn't. Today is one of his smart days. She tugs him up from the ground.

"Don't look so down!" She chirps, "it's such a pretty day!"

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Riku blinks.

"I'm not down," he states. "Why do you always insist I am?"

...perhaps because he lost the ability to smile along the way? One day, he'll get it back. Just not today.

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Serena pouts a bit.

"You sound depressed," She says "and you never smile." She frowns then, suddenly biting her lip.

"A-Although that makes sense. I'm sorry."

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Riku feels uncomfortable, now.

"I'm not depressed," he assures her. "Really. I just... forgot how."

That sounds incredibly stupid, even if it's true.

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If anything, this worries her more.

"I'm sorry," she says and suddenly wraps him in a tight, loving hug.

"We'll just have to teach you how, or maybe it will happen naturally." She smiles almost as if to encourage him and then begins to tug Riku along towards that-place-with-ice-cream!

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"Just don't recite joke books," Riku says. That usually never works. Even when he did remember how!

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"Riku," Serena says, feigning seriousness, "Even I'm not that lame."

Really, he should know better by now!

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"Good," Riku says, "Because those things are torture devices."

And unfortunate Sora had been obsessed with them.

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"I actually agree with you there," and she really does, blame her younger brother Shingo.

Riku was, in the end, a pretty important friend to her so when they make it to the ice cream shop, she turns to him with a bit of a sad look in her blue eyes. "I have something to tell you," she begins "but you can't get mad, all right?"

If she was really smart, then she just would not tell him at all, but Serena couldn't talk to the girls about this and ... Maybe Riku really wouldn't get annoyed! Maybe.

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"Ah," Riku says, a bit confused as to why she suddenly looks sad. "Alright?"

Remind him to shoot out the kneecaps of whoever made her look sad.

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Serena rocks back on the balls of her feet, humming for a moment.

"Darien is leaving," she says this calmly and neutrally, as if the simple thought didn't make her want to cry.

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"Riku!" She sort of gives him a look like he just punched a baby. Or her. Either way.

"How can you say that? He's my boyfriend!"

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"There's a difference between him calling himself that and acting like it."

He doesn't exactly do the latter!

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Serena looks ready to cry now.

"Riku don't be mean! I know you don't like him but he's leaving me for a year and Makoto will kick him if I tell her a-and I don't want him to go. Why does he always do this to me?"

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"Because he's an ass," Riku says, "And he's not worth crying over, either."

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Serena is quiet for a long, long time. She tugs Riku into the ice cream shop and gets strawberry ice cream before speaking again.

"Can I cry over the fact that I might not have a boyfriend soon?"

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"Sure," Riku says, patting her on the head. "And then I can kick him in the nuts and make him cry too."

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Serena leans against Riku, laughing wryly.

"Thanks," it's a good thing that she knows that is how Riku shows he cares about people. Or else she'd be angry.

"Riku, have you ever had a girlfriend?"

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"Nah," Riku shakes his head. "Lame, right? But I guess I never thought I had the time for it."

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"But you're so cute!" Serena blurts without thinking.

"Wait," She gets a devious look "So does this mean you've never made out with a girl?"


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"Of course I have," Riku says, defensively. "I'm not that much of a loser."

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"Hey, calm down," Serena says, smiling in a gentle sort of way. "We really have to get you back into the social scene, you know? Aren't you a bit ... Lonely doing things the way you are now?"

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He's been lonely for years, even when he had his best friends around him. What's the difference at this point?

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"Well ... Yeah," Serena looks at him blankly.

"You always seem really lonely, to me." She shrugs, "but I'm not like Kairi or Sora, so I might just be off."

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"I...." He trails off. "I don't remember ever being different."

Rare for him to confess something such as this.

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"So ..." She pauses, thinking. "Why not let someone in? It's a little scary but ... If you find the right person then it can really change you."

Serena shrugs. "That's why even if you hate him, I'm not going to regret Darien, because I let him in and he made me the happiest girl on this Earth, even if I was a little sad sometimes. I just have to find the right guy to let in."

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"It's not like I haven't fallen in love before," Riku says. "It just never gets returned, that's all."

So why try?

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"But it doesn't have to be love." Serena says "Just let a friend in."

Let me in.

"I'm sorry though, anyone who was lucky enough to be loved by you, should have loved you back."

Fairytale gone wrong.

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Riku looks at her, almost blankly.

"Are you volunteering?"

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Serena blushes, flails, blushes some more, tries to speak, fails and finally goes silent.


More silence.


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...what did you expect, really?

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Serena doesn't know, she spends a moment staring at him and then wraps an arm around his neck and kisses his cheek.

"Riku," She declares "you are awesome."

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"Perhaps," Riku says, and smiles wryly. It doesn't reach his eyes, but it's a start?