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A cereal box in the Kitchen That Never Was has a rat in it. There is also a note.

Will it reach its intended target?!

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It does, and said target is not amused. It doesn't take him long to pen a quick reply and creep into the library. Carefully avoiding Riku, he leaves his own note atop one of the boy's favourite books.

For added impact, the note is wrapped around Riku's little present. The rat is starting to bloat, by this point. Riku had better find it fast before it explodes or something.

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Riku makes a face at the rat when he discovers it - even if he'd been the one to leave it first, he didn't want to deal with it at this point! He dumps it in the hallway, along with a modified version of Xemnas' note:


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Riku will, no doubt, soon find Xemnas' rebuttal:

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Riku considers the pros and cons of punching Xemnas in the face. Finally, he settles for ripping up the return note, and then leaving a large drawing taped to Xemnas' door:


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Riku may find a note taped to one of the walls in a hallway he frequents a short time later:

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It's possible, Riku thinks, that his mom would kick Xemnas' ass for that. It'd be a nice show, but unfortunately she's not here.

The drawing is trashed into a ball, and a large sign is taped in the main entrance corridor:


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That's not even close to his handwriting, Riku. Xemnas calmly takes the sign down and retreats for a few moments to make one of his own. It's a very large sign, and Xemnas' forgery of Riku's lettering is pretty good.

Tied to the sign is a pen -- and a pair of Larxene's panties.

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Larxene wanders by the sign, and raises an eyebrow. It's obviously not from the little brat - he couldn't be that literate. She considers this, before turning the sign over, and writing on the other side:


This is written in VERY. Large. Letters.

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Xemnas winces when he sees the sign, and shortly after there's a note taped to Larxene's door:

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Larxene wanders around the castle for awhile, reading all the various papers tossed this way and that. She then heads to tape something on Xemnas' door:


She immediately flees the castle. She'll pay for it later, but, oh, it's worth it.

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Some time later, Riku is back in the castle. He eyes this, a look on his face like he's just discovered a piece of poop in a chest full of gold.

A bit after that, he tapes something below it:


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Xemnas snarls as he tears down both drawings. He replaces them with a simple note of his own:

Below the words, in brush and ink so that the illustration can be extra large, is a picture of Riku and Larxene doing things that the mun refuses to draw, ever.

Sufficient to say, Riku is south of the border.

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Riku is very tempted to cover the entire paper with swear words. Maybe a few that would make even Cid blush. Instead he settles for ripping the drawing into very tiny pieces, and replacing it with:


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Xemnas writes directly under Riku's words:

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Xemnas doesn't even bother to reply to the comment about Saix. Getting upset about that is so beneath him.

He does say something to the second part, though: